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November 22, 2009

Harper Complicit In War Crimes?

For the first time in Canadian history, is it conceivable that our Prime Minister is complicit in war crimes? Allegations in this article that appeared in the Toronto Star seem to indicate as much.  This article demonstrates additional supporting testimony concerning the Canadian involvement in handing over prisoners to be tortured. As the allegations get more serious and intense, I pray that dozens more public […]

December 5, 2008


Today, Canada reached an all time low:  101 dead in Afghanistan . RIP. I wish Canadians would stop falling for the lies that Harper tells.

February 24, 2008

Globe Poll: 47% of Canadians Want Out of Afghanistan

Somehow, I’m sure the Liberals and the Harpies will work their way around this demand of the Canadian public, but in the interim, this poll shows that almost the majority of Canadians want out of Afghanistan. Now, 54% would be happy to stay until 20011 or beyond, proving that the nation is divided and that we need unbiased information about why or why not we […]