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Dion: What Was the Question?

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I’ve stayed away from Dion through the course of this election, but it’s becoming more and more clear that he’s not the man to lead this country.

This YouTube clip shows that he has no plan beyond the Green Shift.

I was going to ‘vote strategically’, but I really think this is a waste.  The Liberals are Conservatives in disguise.  The only reason why the Harper government was successful for the last 30 months was because the Liberals propped them up.  During their tenure in Parliament through the 90s, the Liberals broke most of their promises, leaving low and middle class income families on the ropes while wealth was redistributed to the top.

The Greens have failed to comment on a number of issues related to media, possibly due to the fact that they’re a one-platform party, possibly because they don’t have the answer, or possibly because they know their answers might scare away those who are undecided progressives.

While I’ve tried to keep my bias buried, this doesn’t leave too many options.  I apologize for any discomfort this may cause you as a reader.  If you disagree, the comments are almost always approved 🙂

That said, during times when out-of-control, me-first capitalism is failing (and not just experiencing a few hiccups), we need people that care about people at the helm.

Murray Dobbin: 6 Ways Harper is Wrecking Canada

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Murray Dobbin of The Tyee, posted this article on rabble.ca about how Harper is ruining Canada.

Here’s a snapshot summary, but please read the full article.  It’s worth it.

  1. Merging Canada with the US
  2. Eroding our infrastructure
  3. Destroying our surpluses
  4. Increasing risks by deregulating
  5. Giving in to big oil
  6. No planning for growth

Canadian Election: Harper Twists, Turns and Finally Admits Defeat

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Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty were both adamant about the fact that the Canadian government didn’t need to take action in the wake of the financial crisis.

They didn’t need to spend money on the automobile industry either.

But they did.  In both cases.  At the 11th hour.  Financial story here .

Throughout the election, these two characters have repeatedly accused the opposition parties of not having a plan or of being the last people you’d want in charge during times of difficulty.  I disagree.

It’s the radical conservatives that slash corporate taxes and slash spending, reserving all cash flow for the defense industry, that throw economies into tailspins.  Spending on murdering and killing is not a viable way to run an economy or a country.

Spending on infrastructure, housing, green incentives to get us off carbon, health care and a whole bunch of other non-profit ventures is more appropriate.

Tuesday, October 14 is coming quickly.  VOTE.

One question for any of you out there who might be Conservative:  why would you vote for these guys?

Canadian Election: Cadman Tape Not Altered

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From this CBC story :

A tape recording at the centre of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s $3.5-million defamation suit against the Liberal party was not altered as the prime minister has claimed, a court-ordered analysis of the tape by Harper’s own audio expert has found.

What does this mean?  It means Harper isn’t fit to run as Prime Minister.

Harper has made a mockery of Canada’s House of Parliament and legal system by suing the official opposition, claiming that the tape of Chuck Cadman, the MP who was (and still is) at the centre of a scandal involving financial payments for votes in the House of Parliament, was falsified.

Again, from the CBC story:

… the recording includes Zytaruk’s question to Harper on whether he knew anything about a $1-million insurance policy that unidentified Conservatives had allegedly offered to Cadman in return for his support in Parliament against the Liberals.

"I don’t know the details, I know that, um, there were discussions, um, but this is not for publication?" Harper replies on the tape.

Stephen Harper also tried to have these results withheld until after the election.

Gee.  I wonder why?

When’s the next trial?  The one where Canadians will be allowed to sue Harper from gross misconduct, abuse of power, and embarassing the sanctity of the House of Commons, among other things?

Oh yeah … it’s on Tuesday.


Save the Planet: Stop Harper

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Avaaz.org has mobilized a noble effort to stop Harper.  I was kind of ignoring their pleas to make donations.

Until now.

I just made a financial pledge and I encourage you to do the same.  They are using contributions for media spots (mostly radio) in the ridings where they believe (and I do as well) that they can make a difference.

Please feel free to do the same.

Here’s where to find their pledge page: