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Support “Anything But Conservative”

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Danny Williams has officially launched his "Anything But Conservative" web site, a promotional piece designed to help Canadians understand the mistake in voting for the Conservative party of Canada.

The site is .

The full text of Danny Williams’ speech at the Newfoundland Board of Trade can be found here:

Enjoy it.  If the Harper Admin wins, it’ll likely be the last time any of us have a sense of ‘free speech’.

Canadian Election: Dept of Culture Call to Action

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Logo for Department of Culture -

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Hello DoC Friends and Supporters,

Below is everything you need to know to put a dent in the massive advertising advantage the Conservatives have gained through superior fundraising. We need an impassioned grassroots movement to create a wave of counter-arguments to the Stephen Harper is a nice guy who wears sweaters and feeds kids Cheerios message being disseminated through traditional media.

If the Obama campaign has taught us anything, it is that the internet and YouTube videos can be a powerful and legitimate force in an election campaign. Use your imagination, use your intellect, and remember funny is far more likely to go viral. Just ask Tina Fey.

Michael Wheeler
Central Coordinator
Department of Culture

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Speak up. Speak out. Speak fast.

The Department Of Culture wants you to get involved! Show Canada in 30 seconds how you feel about the Conservative government’s dramatic dismantling of arts, cultural and social programs since 2006.

These submissions will be entered into a national online contest. Celebrity judges will pick the winning entries, which will be showcased at the DoC’s huge This Is Not A Conservative Party concert, Oct. 9th at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Toronto.

DEADLINE: 9 a.m. EST, Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For entry details visit

Do you want to make a 30 second video for the DoC but don’t have the gear? Trinity Square Video wants to help!


Drop by for 10 minutes at the TSV office (Richmond and Spadina). TSV staff will help you shoot and up-load your clip to YouTube. Leave with your Gone in 30 Seconds video complete!

Tuesday, September 22 to Friday, September 26
10am to 5pm

Trinity Square Video
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 376
Toronto, ON
(416) 593-1332

It just got easier to:
Speak up. Speak out. Speak fast.

Trinity Square Video is a not-for-profit centre that provides artists, activists and community organizations with video production/post-production support and services at accessible rates. Since 1971 TSV has been committed to providing a broad spectrum of services related to video: workshops, screenings, gallery exhibitions, artist residencies, festival sponsorships and community partnerships

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Keep in touch!
You can always stay on top of what the Department of Culture is up to by visiting our website at

Enter our video contest: details at

Department of Culture | 1087 Queen St. W | Toronto | Ontario | M4Y 1B5 | Canada

How to avert economic disaster: Hand it over to someone that doesn’t have a clue

John McCain has essentially admitted that he doesn’t understand economics.

Full story here .


I suppose he’s at least being honest.

Canadian Election: Be Wary of Polls

Polls wield an enormous amount of influence on the decision making process with Canadians.  Every day, during an election, we’re inundated with numbers about how leaders are doing, who we’d vote for and what the trends are.

Unfortunately, a lot of it is bunk.  Polls might offer some guidelines, but they are rooted in an imperfect science.  I could go to the ‘Canadians Supporting Stephen Harper’ Facebook page (I don’t know if there is one) and ask them what they thought of recent announcements and conclude that 100% would love to jump Steve’s sweater-clad bones.

To make matters worse, questions can be carved out to reflect the ‘conclusions’ that pollsters and the mainstream media want to push through the public.

Example:  do you like it when people rape you?  If no, should we have more money spent on security?

However, the reality is that this probably only represents the will of a small portion of people.

Here’s a story that might be of interest to those who read this blog :  Gallop has been accused of releasing number only when they favour McCain.

Gallup is admitting the following:

  1. At the time it released the September 8th poll (showing McCain up by 10), it believed institutionally that likely voter results were less accurate than registered voter results.
  1. Likely voter results have only occasionally diverged from the registered voter results.
  1. Despite these facts, Gallup deliberately chose to release, to the widest fanfare possible, a poll using an admittedly less accurate method (the likely voter method) at the time of McCain’s maximum convention bounce, knowing that it would show a large divergence (+10 for McCain vs. only +4 with registered voters) based on the likely voter method, even though such a divergence is not often present.
  1. In short, they combined all possible factors in McCain’s favor to make his lead seem as big as possible — and the media went wild with it.

Like tea leaves, these predictions and prognostications are up to interpretation.  Be careful how you read the numbers and be even more wary of how people interpret them for you.

Financial Meltdown Incomplete

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The financial meltdown is incomplete.  Yay.  We should expect to see several more ‘institutions’ on Wall Street dissolve like a poorly built castle on a beach on a stormy day.

Moving to the Canadian election:  what underpins this instability is a once-inflated housing market that has been deflating for years in the US.

Stephen Harper wants to create a similar level of house price ecstasy in Canada by pushing new home building here, based on his latest string of promises geared towards breeders and builders.

How sadly out of touch this is.  This man can’t even keep up with today’s headlines, let alone the general direction of the interests of Canadians.

Our economy is hanging by a thread because of Republican & Conservative neglect.  He points to national figures saying that things are going well, yet fails to acknowledge the wake of disaster that laissez-faire policies have left for Canada.

More is being spent on defense in both the US and Canada than ever before, billions are being dumped into the pockets of well, billionaires, and nothing is being done to salvage our manufacturing economy.

In times like these, governments are supposed to open the budgets to people and go into deficit.  We are not corporations and quarterly reports should not dictate the future stability of this country.

We are a country of people that need leadership rather than casual comments about not worrying about the state of the market.